JUNE Summer Marketing by Sally Imgrund

JUNE Summer Marketing! June is our first big summer issue. Plan to reserve your JUNE ad by Friday, May 3rd! SGF is having an exciting change, as our printer just retired the old press we’ve been printed on for decades and is now printing us on a NEW press. Because of this, our page size will be very slightly smaller, and our ad dimensions slightly smaller, as well. If you want to submit a new ad with the new dimensions, that is great! But if you are busy or don’t want to for any reason, our designer can make your “old” ad fit, as it is only a slight, proportional change. If sending a new camera ready ad, please submit it by May 10th, for the June edition. If you need an extension for any reason, just let me know. Here are the new ad dimensions: Full Page Tabloid 9.25" Wide x 10.75"Jr Standard 6.88” Wide x 9.17"Jr Horizontal 9.25” Wide x 6.82"1/2 Vertical 4.5” Wide x 10.75"1/2 Horizontal 9.25” Wide x 5.36"2/3 Jr Standard 6.88” Wide x 6.27"2/3 Jr Vertical 4.5” Wide x 9.24"2/3 Jr Horizontal 9.25” Wide x 4.63"1/4 Standard 4.5” Wide x 5.35"1/4 Vertical 2.13” Wide x 10.63"1/4 Horizontal 6.88” Wide x 3.62"1/4 Banner 9.25” Wide x 2.68"3/16 Standard 4.5” Wide x 4.14"3/16 Vertical 2.13” Wide x 8.03"3/16 Horizontal 6.88” Wide x 2.89"3/16 Banner 9.25” Wide x 2.15"1/8 Vertical 2.13” Wide x 5.19"1/8 Horizontal 4.5” Wide x 2.68” If you would like to receive Ad Submittal Guidelines, Rates, other media info, just request by emailing me at sgfadvertising@gmail.com. Thanks so much for advertising in SGF—the largest solely grazing focused publication in the U.S.

Grazier's Gear April 2024 by Sally Imgrund

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Are You An Accomplished Grazer?

By Allen R. Williams Ph.D: What makes a person an accomplished grazer is the ability to be an astute OBSERVER. Most of us have lost our ability to truly observe. We mistake being busy for being observant...

The Farm Piggery

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Grassfed Beef Expectations for Fattening and Genetics

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