The Practical Shepherd

The Practical Shepherd

by Abram Bowerman

Trials, errors and successes while maintaining profitability

With sheep as the centerpiece of Still Waters Farm, Abram Bowerman presents low-cost, practical solutions for raising healthy, happy livestock.  He believes the best things in a sheep's life can be found in the pasture.  Chapters cover:

  • Healthy signs to look for when buying sheep.
  • How to prevent disease and parasitism.
  • The importance of clean water and shade.
  • Designing a sheep corral.
  • What to cull and what to retain for replacement ewes.
  • A calendar for successful breeding, lambing, weaning and castrating.
  • Pasture management best practices.
  • When to make paddock shifts.
  • The benefits of multi-species.
  • Using and training reliable guardian dogs.

With more than 20 years experience, Bowerman and his family raise 400 sheep along with goats, cows, horses and poultry on leased and owned pastureland.

In The Practical Shepherd, Trials, errors and successes while maintaining profitability, Bowerman walks you through the pitfalls and challenges he faced and overcame so that you, too, can be a profitable successful shepherd.