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May 26, 2017

We are the only monthly publication for professional graziers, those making a good living from pasture-based agriculture. If you are interested in more profit from your grassland produced in a healthy sustainable environment, that’s what The Stockman Grass Farmer is all about.     

SGF is filled with real success stories each month that show increased profit does not come from buying more tractors, a bigger bull or more fertilizer. Increased profit comes primarily from knowledge of how to mesh your ruminants with the natural environment and building your ranch or farm from the grass up. Let the animals do what nature intended them to do! 

A ranch built from the grass up is not only profitable but easy to operate, needing the barest minimum of machinery and labor. The quality of life produced by a correctly structured grassland farm is excellent. Want relief from the anxiety of dips in market prices?  SGf can help give it. Many of our readers report production costs so low the market price barely matters.   

A major editorial emphasis is the need to structure the grassland enterprise so that it makes money 10 years in 10. Detailed marketing, budgets and financial analysis are unique and popular aspects of SGF.   Management-intensive grazing can increase your per acre production between 20 and 40 percent.  

An increased stocking rate is the most painless way to lower fixed costs. After the initial subdivision expense this increase is almost a pure profit for management and is why management-intensive grazing is becoming the skill that is separating the professional grazier from the rest.

While per acre increase in stocking rate and gain are usually listed as the primary benefit of management-intensive grazing, a few others are: 

1. A better return on total investment through a higher stocking rate, increased per head production and lower death losses from better animal observation. 

2. A lower labor input due to a more even year long work load and no high peak periods due to massive haying or feeding. 

3. A general conservation of the environment due to less over-grazing, better utilization of rainfall and fertilizer due to faster pasture cycling and the ability to   preserve important preferred species of grass. 

4. An increased sense of peace of mind on the part of the grazier

You can see your feed bank out ahead of you and by measuring the grass regrowth can make buying and selling decisions far in advance of the actual “crunch.”

The Stockman Grass Farmer is published monthly, never less than 28 pages and usually between 36 and 40 pages. Wherever you live, you’ll find articles of interest. SGF covers all of North America, including Canada and Mexico. 

Whatever your current species, if it grazes, you’ll see it covered in The Stockman Grass Farmer.SGF sponsors schools and seminars that allow you to personally meet and hear the ranchers and farmers who have successfully made the transition to for-profit grassland agriculture. 

We offer you the opportunity to network with other profit oriented graziers at our events and to read about them each month.

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