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Polyface Intensive Discovery Seminar


Polyface Intensive Discovery Seminar
2 Days and 6 Meals with Joel Salatin, Family and Farm Staff

Although all dates for the seminar are sold out, we do get people calling SGF changing dates or cancelling, which leaves openings for the seminars.  If you are interested in attending a "Sold Out" date or being put on the waiting list, please call the SGF office at 601-853-7755 or 800-748-9808.  

If you ever wanted in immerse for two days behind the curtain at Polyface Farms, here is your chance!  This is a hands on, in-the-field learning experience in which the how-to is smothered in southern hospitality.  The Salatin family crams all material possible into two days of fantastic food (6 meals), sweet fellowship and intensive informtion.  It is a comprehensive look at multi-generational multi-species direct market grass farm and business.

There is very limited attendance to maintain intimacy as we actually process chickens and rabbits, go up the mountain to see pigs, and discuss water systems and road building.

We go to one of the rental farms where Joel and Daniel co-teach mob stocking and land lease options.

A silvoculture session accentuates good forestry managements.  We mill a log into lumber on the farm's bandsaw mill and talk about adding value to woodlots.  Daniel walks you through team building and apprenticeships.  We cover genetics, grass finishing beef, pasture poultry, winter housing and more.

The syllabus is like a text book.

The first evening Joel and Sheri tag-team a Relationship Marketing session highlighting current techniques and collaborations.

There are 2 sessions remaining and each session is limited to 30 people.  Each session is $900.  Choose the session you would like to attend:

  • July 26 - 27, 2021 (sold out)
  • July 30 - 31, 2021  (sold out)
  • August 6 - 7, 2021 (sold out)

Although the seminar is sold out for all dates, please call the office if you are interested in those dates because we do get cancellations.

You can call The Stockman Grass Farmer at 601-853-7755 if you have any questions.

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